Immeasurably More: Archway Group Day Away

Published by Steve Clarke on Mon, 3 Feb 2020 19:00

A Day away together for St Andrew, St John and St Mary

Click here to book online. (St Mary's are handling the bookings for the group).

This day is a chance to learn, worship, laugh, pray, eat, play and find time for one another and God. 

Our speaker is Rev Malcolm Macdonald, the Vicar of St Mary Loughton. Malcolm has written an excellent book called "Set me on Fire: Being filled with the Spirit of God" you can buy this online or ask your vicar to borrow a copy, it's excellent, read more about it here

Venue: St Mary Loughton 
Date: 6th June 2020 
Cost: £25 Adults, Children are Free 

We are providing coaches to get everyone to and from St Mary's Loughton. We are asking for £25 per adult, to cover the cost of food. We are organising a catering team to come in who we will pay, and a team from another church to come and lead the children and youth work. This will allow us all to join together for this day. 

If the cost (though low) is going to stop you from coming do chat to your vicar and we'll find a way to help out those who can't afford to come.

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