Thy Kingdom Come 2020

Thy Kingdom Come 2020
Published on Sun, 10 May 2020 18:58

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer initiative bringing together churches from all backgrounds in the UK. The invitation is to pray intentionally for God's Kingdom to Come in a new way between Ascension (21st May) and Pentecost Sunday (31st May). 

This year, during  the emphasis is on praying where we are and we will be praying in some special ways:

Morning Prayer Mon-Fri

Our Online Morning Prayer gatherings will have a focus on praying for God's Kingdom. You can join us to pray at 8.30am.

Lords Prayer at Midday

We are inviting you to join in with praying the Lord's Prayer at midday everyday and there will be a resource that helps you focus on a different aspect of this pray for each of the different days.

Thursday Worship & Prayer Evening

On Thursday evening at 8.10pm we will have a special gathering at 8.10pm where we will worship and pray together. We will use some online prayer stations, which are different creative & traditional ways to pray. Click here to join via Zoom

Prayer Chain Thursday-Saturday

We are inviting you & your family to sign up for an hour of prayer over these 3 days so we can pray continually from Thursday-Saturday during the day.

Sign Up - You can sign up on our Google Doc by clicking here 


Prayer isn't meant to be boring and we want to you pray as you are able. Laura & others have produced some amazing resource with loads of fun and creative ideas to help you, there is something for everyone.

'Pray for One Hour' - this is full of idea to fill your hour of prayer and help you to pray here (PDF). To use the links download the Word Doc here.

'Pray for three people'- During each hour we are inviting you to pray for 3 people who are part of our church. You can download this list here.

'Prayer Map'- This is full of prayer ideas and inspiration if you are looking for some guidance and help praying about specific people and situations. Download the Prayer Map here.

So do join us over these days as we pray 'Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done.'