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Life at St Andrew's beyond the restrictions

Life at St Andrew's beyond the restrictions
Published by Steve Clarke on Fri, 23 Jul 2021 16:31

On the 19th July most of the official COVID restrictions were lifted by the government, including those placed on places of worship. This will bring both a sense of joy and caution. We are able to do more as a society, but cases in the UK are rising rapidly. We want to love God and one another well. We want to enjoy worship and fellowship together and we want to care for one another, especially those whose health is vulnerable or have compromised immune systems.

With this in mind, from Sunday 25th July we are adapting to these changes and recommending some safe ways to gather and worship in line with Church of England advice.

Please continue to follow government guidelines on isolating and testing. 

If you have COVID symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19 please join the online stream.

The good news is that we will begin to sing as a congregation once again!

We want to also recommended that we keep these practices in place as part of our gatherings, especially while cases are rising in London:

  • We will continue to have hand sanitizer available and encourage people to use it when they arrive.
  • We want to encourage the use of face coverings, especially when you arrive, move around, socialise after the service and leave the building. We recognise those who are exempt and we think it’s reasonable to remove masks while seated in the pews.
  • Please consider wearing a face covering while you sing the worship songs as research has shown that water droplets spread widely during singing.
  • If you feel unable to do this we encourage you to find some space away from others 
  • For those who feel particularly vulnerable we want to make the side and back pews more available for you.
  • During the summer months we will be ventilating the worship space more by opening the fire doors, please be responsible for the children and young people in your care.

You can find guidelines on symptoms, isolating and testing here.

You can read the latest Church of England guidelines here. 


We want to worship together with joy and care and so whether you join us in the building or online, we really look forward to meeting with Jesus together in the weeks to come.


With love and prayers


Vicar | St Andrew’s Church