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Everything is harder when you are hungry. Together we can help!

Fun, family-friendly meals, provided by St Andrew’s through local schools & family centres​

To be hungry as a child means your tummy hurts, which means you can’t focus on your lessons at school, or your body isn’t healthy enough to fight off illness, or you shiver a lot because you are cold, or you feel embarrassed when your friends snack or talk about dinner. Whatever the reason your family is struggling, when you are 6, there is not much you can do about it. That’s why the help has to be ready, and in place for the precise moment that someone finds out that you need help.
St Andrew’s Meals Boxes are stored in local schools in Archway. As soon as a teacher or other professional realises that a child will not eat dinner that night, they can invite a family to choose from a selection of delicious dinner options. If they need dinner again tomorrow night, they can… no child should go to bed hungry.
You can be part of the team by donating to the cause, becoming a partner school or joining the mailing list. As the project grows we will have special opportunities to fundraise and volunteer.
St Andrew’s Meals is a hub of St Mark’s Meals Milton Keynes and together our mission is that every child, every day can have access to  a good healthy meal.