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CARIS Islington's Cold Weather Shelter


St. Andrew's takes part in the CARIS Islington's Cold Weather Shelter which runs from 1st January to 31st March each year and in which a number of churches provide for the homeless for one night of each week. Those in need are referred to the project for 30 days each. This ensures that help and advice are offered to as many as possible. The shelter at St. Andrew's runs on Wednesday/Thursday 7.30pm to 8.00am. Guests receive a hot meal, play games, read and chat with volunteers before spending the night in the church hall. A short service of compline is offered in the side chapel at 9pm.


The following morning all receive a cooked breakfast. Professional advice and help are offered to all attending the project.


Members of the Upper Holloway Team of churches and the local community support the shelter at St. Andrew's in a variety of ways by assisting in person on Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings, donating foodstuffs or cleaning products, cooking a meal or making a dessert, washing sheets, making a financial donation, or through prayer. If you would like to support St. Andrew's involvement with the homeless in any way please contact Gloria Chandra: gloriachandra@standrewsn19.org



If you are homeless you need to contact the Cold Weather Shelter on 07960 491151 to check if there is a place available for you. Please do not turn up on the door and please do not arrive before 7.30pm.



Centres available from 7.30pm 1st January - 31st March:



St. Peter's, Northchurch Terrace


St. Gabriel's Community Centre, Hatchard Road


St. Andrew's, Whitehall Park


Union chapel, Compton Avenue


Christchurch, Highbury Grove


St. Luke's, Penn Road


St. John's, Duncan Terrace




For more information on the work of CARIS Islington please visit: www.carisislington.org