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Global Mission

St. Andrew's gives 10% of its annual income away to support mission work in UK and overseas.

Those we are currently supporting financially and through prayer are:

Josias & Danielle de Souza

Josias de Souza serves as Youth Pastor of the Church of Espirito Santo in Recife, Brazil. He and his wife Danielle(with little son Daniel) lead a growing Sunday afternoon congregation from which has developed an evangelistic outreach project called House of Hope, which has begun to reach out into the desperately poor community of Sotave.

St. Andrew's supports the work of Josias and Dani via the Church Mission Society (CMS).


Stephen & Joanna Jack

Previously a member of St. Andrew's, Stephen (with wife Joanna and children Tom, Elise and Naomi), leads the newly planted 'Fourways' congregation which is part of the New Frontiers Godfirst Church in Johannesburg, South Africa. Godfirst church has a combined attendance of over 2500 people on 7 sites on Sundays.

St. Andrew's supports the Jack family via The Oasis Trust.