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"at all times pray and do not loose heart" Luke 18.1

Prayer is central to our relationship with God and something Jesus taught his disciples to do. At its heart it is relationship, conversation and connection with God; where our hearts meet with God’s heart. Prayer is being, listening and calling out to God, who loves us and longs to meet and partner with us.

Whether prayer comes naturally to you or it’s a journey of beginnings, you can join with the St Andrews family at one of our prayer gatherings.

“The best way to learn how to pray is to pray”
Pete Greig, Founder of 24-7 Prayer

​Prayer Gatherings at St Andrew's

Thursday Evening Prayer Gathering (First Thursday of every month)

Tuesday Morning Prayer 9.30am via Zoom

Each Tuesday we meet online to pray together. It's an informal gathering with some simple liturgy to help us along,  a Psalm and a couple of other Bibel Readings. Then there is some time to pray for the life of our church, community and the world as well as for each other and anyone we know who may ned God's healing or blessing.

8pm St Andrew's Chapel (currently on Zoom)

In our chapel space we explore some of the deep traditions of prayer, creating a space for contemplation, reflection & prayer. Each month we seek to connect with God through silence, music, creativity, liturgy, words & the ocassional prayer walk. In prayer we bring all of who we are to God. 

So whether a seasoned pray(er), new to faith or wanting to grow in a life of prayer, you are  really welcome.


Prayer Gatherings at St Andrew's